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February 01, 2022 | Industry Magazine

In seven short years, this integrated healthcare network has completely redefined how the borough’s healthcare delivery system views population health

In 2014, 6.5 million New Yorkers were enrolled in Medicaid, the second highest number in the country behind California. In terms of quality metrics, the Empire State was ranked 45 out of 50, and it was the most expensive state in the country in cost per patient. One year later, in an effort to improve the Medicaid outcomes, the federal government accepted New York State’s Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program (DSRIP), a waiver-based initiative that incentivizes hospitals and other providers to reform their hospital delivery systems. New York State’s program launched in the spring of 2015, and 25 Performance Provider Systems (PPS) were formed throughout
the state to implement this initiative in all areas with Medicaid populations including Staten Island. Read More