Program Expansion

Hotspotting Program Expansion


The Hotspotting Program strategic plan is to present a business case for MCOs and at-risk healthcare systems to align their payment models and treatment protocols  more comprehensively towards the value-based care coordination model outlined in the Hotspotting Program. As these entities develop and align their value-based services with OUD and OD treatment and prevention, there is no doubt that the trajectory of the overdose epidemic will be dramatically stymied. The Hotspotting Program’s demonstrated outcomes to date present significant evidence for this value proposition.


The Hotspotting Program is currently building the infrastructure necessary to scale the program, engage and onboard new treatment partners, socialize the analytics and care management platforms among these providers and positively influence other entities to adopt the program’s value-based incentive structure.



The Hotspotting Program also has the opportunity to take advantage of other public resources such as additional grant funding and opioid settlement funds to support program expansion. These additional resources will enable the Hotspotting Program to begin to change the trajectory of the opioid overdose epidemic while also positively impacting the transition of Medicaid towards an effective value-based care model.